proFlauto and Kenlo Editions, The Hague. We specialize in first modern editions of worthy music for flute from 1700-1946: etudes, solos, chamber music, concertos for flute(s) and orchestra, educational material, and much else.

The website and webshop will be activated shortly, and we trust we may be of service to the flute-community worldwide.

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Kenlo Editions

Kenlo Editions was conceived to provide proper editions of unknown works for flute and published its first work in the 1980's. The advance of digital technology has stimulated the publisher to offer the music not only to a small circle of enthusiasts, but to embark on a joint venture with proFlauto, in order to enable a truly wider access to the treasures of the flute music of yesteryear.

Our editions are editorially sound, and we take pride in issuing practical editions of quality. We specialize in publishing works rediscovered from the vast storehouse of music written for the flute during the two and a half centuries (circa) commencing in 1700, which have, for the most part, not been re-issued since their original publication.

ProFlauto will offer Kenlo Editions exclusively on the world-wide-web. Kenlo Editions has access to one of the largest private archives of flute music from which it will select the music to be re-issued.

The editors are united in their conviction that:

• there are gems, great and small, yet to be discovered

• flautists will greatly enhance their knowledge and appreciation of the repertoire for their instrument.

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